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With space constraints, creating a garden in Mumbai to grow pesticide-free vegetables and fruits may seem like a far-fetched idea. But one group of organic farming enthusiasts has shown how growing an organic kitchen garden in the city is quite an achievable feat. For the past five years, Urban Leaves India — a group of amateur organic farmers — has been spreading awareness about urban farming in Mumbai. These gardening enthusiasts do not need a plot of land to exercise their green thumbs; the terrace on their buildings serves as their backyard garden.

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Urban Farming Show Mumbai ppt

Little Kids involved in urban farming. With the influx of chemical-infused fruits and veggies, it is becoming increasingly important to take to organic food and farming.

Our fast-paced city lives and space crunch keep us away from getting involved in any kind of farming. But, learning the art of urban farming is an activity which is both satisfying and enriching.

A Mumbai-based city farming volunteer group called, Urban Leaves , is an inspirational team that does admirable work in the sphere of urban farming. A bunch of passionate people who share their love for gardening, planting and food, joined hands nearly five years ago to form Urban Leaves. It was born out of an idea to conserve waste and put it to good use. With an aim to start gardening on terraces, backyards and any available open spaces, this group has grown to organise workshops, seminars and classes on how to make their environment greener.

Their workshops on Amrut Mitti or fertile soil garnered accolades and they have a loyal fan following. With a community farm in the Maharashtra Nature Park Mahim , community garden at Nana Nani Park Girgaon Chowpatty, some school and college garden projects and workshops in their kitty, Urban Leaves has become a popular source to learn the art of urban farming.

Their workshops have gained popularity with nature lovers and gardening enthusiasts all around Mumbai. They also organise workshops for kids on urban farming.

Your little ones 4—7 years only can attend and learn about green spaces in the Nature Park, make a bed for Amrut Mitti, try out a recipe and take home seeds to start their own kitchen garden, among other things.

You can be a part of this organisation by volunteering with them, attending their informative workshops on gardening and conservation, or simply join them at work on their urban farms. This would be an interesting activity for your little ones as they would learn the importance of nature and ways to conserve for a better, environment-friendly future. For more information on their next workshops for kids click here. Zahra Motorwala. Little Kids involved in urban farming With the influx of chemical-infused fruits and veggies, it is becoming increasingly important to take to organic food and farming.

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Whole area Grass Landscape Development Services in Mumbai, Client Site, Modern Urban Gardens

Urban agriculture as a concept is often employed to address social and environmental sustainability in cities. The activities involve producing, processing and distributing food and other agricultural products complimented by recreational, educational and social values additions. The importance of urban agriculture is increasingly being recognized by international organizations like UN-Habitat and FAO. Urban Agriculture helps in:. Certain parcels of land under Right of Ways RoW for power transmission line cannot be termed as developable land as per the provisions of Navi Mumbai Disposal of Land Regulation, and have been disposed-off for its potential utilization.

Mr. Anuj Prajapati has started the Urban Garden Centre. It is the Only Gardening and Landscaping in Borivali which provides the unique plant shopping.

Potential of Urban Agriculture under Transmission lines: Case-Study of Agro Garden in Navi Mumbai

Support Scroll. This raises the question about the availability of green spaces and resources. The Covid lockdown rekindled the interest of urban residents to grow food in their own terraces and gardens. The benefits of edible gardens, like cooler and cleaner cities, healthier ecosystems, and healthier bodies, resurfaced in conversations. The urban farming discourse has been expanding over the past few years. But in the prominence of this discourse are urban people from the middle and upper class with access to technological innovations. In Mumbai, the financial capital of India, shadowed by the limelight on urban farming, are some invisible and unrecognised farmers. Low-income groups, people with marginalised identities and Adivasi people face exclusion in this dialogue. This leads to a higher probability of the erasure of their contribution, and expulsion from research, policy and planning.

10 Indian Instagram accounts that give us urban gardening goals

Urban agriculture, urban farming , or urban gardening is the practice of cultivating , processing, and distributing food in or around urban areas. These activities occur in peri-urban areas as well. Peri-urban agriculture may have different characteristics. Urban agriculture can reflect varying levels of economic and social development.

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Experiencing India as an Urban Farmer

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The City Dwellers Who Are Growing Food in India, China and Brazil

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Second National Seminar On Urban Gardening, Mumbai, December 10, 11 & 12th - Recommended by Sarah-Indra Jungblut,

Last Updated On 10 Sep,Many of us may think that horticulturalists are the people working only in garden centers, however, the field of horticulture is actually quite vast, with a wide range of potential career paths. Horticulture is the mainstream of agriculture that deals with the cultivation of plants, vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs, ornamental trees, maintaining nurseries, gardens, orchards and plantations.

This is one among the youngest department of the college. We operate in collaboration with our Industry partners. We have signed MoU with seven industries and more are in the pipeline. The department is well equipped with all the essential facilities. Apart from the regular B.

Living in a concrete jungle is trying at the best of times, window boxes and desk plants can only do so much and sometimes you find yourself craving some down time in a verdant garden.

Addressing the gathering, experts encouraged the participants to go for roof top gardening, as it acts as air purifier, stress buster and controlling the temperature of the house, apart from offering outdoor space for children and old persons. Manmath Pani talked about about the schemes of the state Govt. Chairman of the organising committee R K Das, spoke about the need of the hour to develop gardens, particularly rooftop garden, green roof, soil less agriculture to fight against dangers arising out of climate change and rising temperature. H S Upadhyay, PCCF, Wildlife, graced the occasion as chief guest and spoke about the deforestation leading to the wild animals intruding into urban areas. He cited the incidents elephant, leopard accessing human settlements causing loss of life and property. He urged upon the participants in the programme to develop gardens in and around houses and office premises to compensate the loss of greenery. Your email address will not be published.

This also holds true when it comes to the fresh produce that we shop for in cities. Surprisingly, Mumbai, despite being one of our most densely populated cities, has places right in the heart of the city where limited space has been cleverly used to create urban gardens. At these green spaces, you can learn about how your food grows and even get your hands dirty, getting involved in the process of cultivation. Located on the campus of Don Bosco in Matunga, this terrace garden was the brainchild of a catering officer with the Mumbai Port Trust and a way to recycle kitchen waste.

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