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Habitat at Home

Dark red, single and semidouble pansies. The standard foliage is plain, medium green with white variegation, mostly on the leaf edge. White, single and semidouble pansies, are adorned with dark pink thumbprints on each petal.

The edges are daintily frilled. The foliage is dark green, quilted and scalloped, and boasts white and pink variegation, with it being heaviest on the leaf edges. Medium purple, single and semidouble star with a frilled geneva edge accenting each petal. The medium green foliage has beige variegation on the leaf edge and is quilted. Very large, double stars of medium purple, with a thin white outline on very frilled edges. Raspberry fantasy flecks playfully decorate the flower face, and occasionally, blue streaks also join in.

The standard foliage is large growing, dark green, with a red reverse, and quilted. This very popular, award winning, cultivar has lightly quilted, medium green foliage. Double white stars with frilled edges. Medium pink mottling decorates each petal.

The medium green, standard foliage is lightly variegated with beige, mostly on the leaf edge. Variegated dark green, white, some pink, longifolia, quilted, cupped, glossy, and ruffled. Large grower. If pinks are your color, then you'll have to add this one to your collection! The medium green standard foliage is heavily variegated with a soft pink blush, mixing with beige and ivory, stunning! The medium pink double stars are surrounded by a fluted edge.

The plant shapes very nicely. Semidouble, deep blue-purple, with frilled edges; white and pink, wavy, variegated foliage, standard. Semidouble, wavy lavender, darker upper petals and edges; white and pink, variegated foliage, standard. Semidouble, deep velvety purple, frilled white edges; white and pink, variegated foliage, standard.

Very dark purple, single stars, with a heavily fringed, green edge. The standard foliage is variegated, with beige on the leaf edges, is dark green with a red reverse, and lightly ruffled. Double white pansy with green-tinged blue edge. Variegated foliage, medium green, yellow and ivory. Single and semidouble stars of medium blue, with lavender hues radiating out from the center of the bloom.

Puff fantasy spots of pink and fantasy spots of darker blue cover the flowers of this exciting cultivar. Foliage is medium green, with variegation mostly around the edge of the leaf. Double, light blue ruffled large star with a wide white edge.

Dark green foliage, ruffled with red backing. Large Grower. A darker blush shows up in the flower center and occasionally, darker coral fantasy spots are on the flower face. A very dark, raspberry edge, outlines the slightly fluted flower. The dark green, standard, tailored foliage, shapes nicely. Want to get away? Take a mini vacation to the beach with Bahama Breeze! The soothing pale pink double blooms with a frilled raspberry edge evoke the Pink Sand Beach at Harbor Island in the Bahamas, while you can almost hear the surf and see the coral in the dark green, variegated, quilted foliage with a red reverse.

Don't forget the sunscreen! Light pink, single and semidouble stars, with a heavily fringed edge. The flower eye glistens with a darker pink blush. Blue fantasy flecks lay on the flower face. The foliage is slightly wavy, dark green and shapes easily for show. Beige variegation on the leaves, that are red backed, makes this an attractive variety, and a great bloomer!

Semidouble and double pink flowers with a glittery fuchsia edge. Champion type variegation of light yellow, beige and medium green adorns this standard growing plant.

Magnificent semidouble, frilly, fluted and wavy petals of two-tone rose-pink, combine with deep rose feathering on petal edges, accented with a narrow, broken, faint geneva edge make these stars so eye-catching.

You will adore this cultivar with dark green, large growing show foliage, that sports a red reverse. We all hope they're coming! Lightly ruffled single and semidouble pansies. The upper petals are a slightly lighter blue than the lower ones. Occasional white fantasy puffs appear on the flower face. The foliage is dark green and serrated.

Huge, double, medium pink stars, with a heavily fringed dark pink edge. The standard foliage is dark green, slightly wavy and quilted. You won't be able to resist large, yummy blackberry-purple semidouble, fluted and wavy stars that are spread upon plain, dark green foliage, variegated in white with occasional pink tones. Purple, single and semidouble pansies, are spattered and streaked with tiny, medium pink fantasy , like sparks from a fire! Tailored, dark green, standard foliage is variegated in ivory on the leaf edges.

Rich burgundy colored single and semidouble stars, with a thin geneva edge, and fringed. Darker burgundy fantasy streaks add to the classy look of this standard variety.

The foliage is dark green with a red reverse and lightly quilted. Lays flat for showing. A good bloomer! A more subdued color red, perhaps a little closer to a "true" red. The pansies on this variety bloom as semidoubles, and have a sporadic light pink edge. The dark green, slightly cupped foliage is heavily variegated with beige. Compact standard. The velvety, dark blue, deeply ruffled, semidouble pansy shaped flowers are a lovely accent to ruffled foliage of dark green with variegation in shades of white, cream and pink.

This magnificent variety flaunts semidouble and double large stars of light blue, accented by a dark blue center. Striking bands of light, reddish-purple surround each frilly edged blossom, randomly marked in variable, light green. Flowers look best when grown cool! Large, dark green foliage. Large, light pink, semidouble and double stars are splashed and streaked with blue fantasy markings. The dark green standard foliage is tailored and lightly variegated with ivory on the leaf edge.

The wide pink edge is heavily fringed. Each flower face is speckled with blue fantasy. The standard foliage is medium green and lightly quilted.

Large growing standard, has foliage that is dark green with a red reverse. The leaves are slightly wavy, serrated and quilted. Outstanding variety! Large, single, creamy light pink stars, shimmer and boast darker pink edges, that are also outlined with dark pink flecks. Flowers stand proudly above the large growing, medium green, tailored foliage. Dark green foliage, variegated with pink and cream.

Large, light purple pansy, splashed with dark purple and raspberry fantasy. A ruffled edge adds to its beauty. Dark green, serrated foliage is variegated with cream and pink. Luscious dark red, single and semidouble pansies, with a slightly ruffled edge. Foliage is dark green, with a red reverse, and slightly quilted. Reminiscent of some of the dark colors of autumn. An outstanding "burnt" red with large, single and semidouble pansies with lightly frilled edges.

Occasionally, blue fantasy dots the flower face. A great bloomer with flowers standing tall over dark green, red reverse foliage. The serrated and quilted leaves shape nicely. Double dark blue flowers with a frilled raspberry edge.

The dark green quilted leaves have yellow and green crown variegation and are red-backed. Variegated dark green, cream and pink, plain, heart-shaped. Makes a nice show plant! Semidouble to double pink frilled pansy with variable raspberry speckled edge.

Tucson, Arizona

By Lynn Hassler, Garden Volunteer Captain; photos by Lynn Hassler In general, hummingbirds prefer long, slender tubular flowers in the red-orange range. Thin tubular flowers generally have more nectar at the base, which is difficult for bees and other insects to reach. These types of flowers and the long bills and tongues of tiny hummingbirds have evolved together over time. And as hummingbirds flit from flower to flower, carrying pollen and nectar, they also play an important role as pollinators. Hummingbirds will certainly visit flowers of other colors—purple is popular—and other shapes as well.

The tough, clumped plants can grow to over feet tall, and mature plants typically Will Tucson remain such an attractive destination if fire becomes.

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Flowering trees add curb appeal and give an excellent return on investment. Flowering trees are an excellent way to add a bit of color to any landscape. They make beautiful accents alone or can be planted in groups to define a straight or curved path. Many flowering trees offer gorgeous views all year-long. If you want to give your yard a fresh, new look, consider looking into a Tuscan Landscape Design. The Jacaranda tree is a large shade tree that grows fast. They originate from Brazil and bloom stunning purple blossoms in mid to late spring. The purple bell-shaped flowers are a favorite of hummingbirds, bringing wildlife straight to you.

MediBeads Moist Heat Sinus Wrap 8 3 4" x 5 1 2"

Buffelgrass is native to Africa, Asia and the Middle East. It is one of the many African grasses that have been introduced as cattle forage in tropical and subtropical regions of the world, including the southern United States. It was introduced to the United States in the s for erosion control and livestock forage. It was planted in a variety of locations in southern Arizona from the s to the early s. Records from natural habitat were sparse until about when it began a rapid expansion.

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Keeping Up with the Tecomas

Gift CardsOur gardening calendars are great tools to help you know when to pot, plant, and prune your way to an even more beautiful garden. Select a month below and enjoy. Garden Color: For cool weather color, plant cyclamen, dianthus, calendula, alyssum, pansies, violas, snapdragon, and stock. Vegetables: There is still time to plant cool weather vegetables from seed, including lettuce, spinach, Swiss chard, cabbage, carrots, and radishes. Start tomatoes from seed indoors.

Desert dog outdoors

Click on the images for larger pictures and details of the plants. Some images and content courtesy of Mountain States Wholesale Nursery. Also check out their plant catalog. Hamelia patens -Fire Cracker Bush. Full sun to partial shade with tubular red-orange flowers produced in the summer. Great Hummingbird plant. Dark purple edible fruit follow the flowers.

BELL, George Graham 78, passed away peacefully at home on September 15 underground house, complete with a fire place and separate rooms.

Standard African Violets

A desert plant variety fresh from the grower is making a name for itself with its vivid blossoms, long flowering season, drought hardiness and compact growth habit. But unlike these large, sometimes lanky shrubs that can easily take over a growing area, Red Hot Tecoma reaches just 3 to 4 feet in height and width, making it ideal for smaller spaces in need of color. For Adam Farrell-Wortman, horticulture manager at Tucson Botanical Gardens, it is a perfect addition to the popular venue. This variety opens up the ability to use Tecomas in tighter places, and it broadens the color palette.

Yellow Bell

Library Calendar Employment Contact Us. Economic Development. Bell ringing to take place Jan. Jan 05, Read More News.

Thompson St.

Little ollie dwarf olive arizona

Dark red, single and semidouble pansies. The standard foliage is plain, medium green with white variegation, mostly on the leaf edge. White, single and semidouble pansies, are adorned with dark pink thumbprints on each petal. The edges are daintily frilled. The foliage is dark green, quilted and scalloped, and boasts white and pink variegation, with it being heaviest on the leaf edges. Medium purple, single and semidouble star with a frilled geneva edge accenting each petal.

Skip to content. Description The lush, broadleaf evergreen grows quickly to four to five feet with a three to four-foot spread, but gets much taller in warmer, tropical areas. It produces large clusters of brilliant yellow, trumpet-shaped blossoms that attract hummingbirds and butterflies. In late summer, its brownish-tan seedpods appear and remain on the plant for a long time.

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