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What are

Garden ovens represent a rather interesting element of open space because they offer the possibility of cooking outside, and at the same time furnish and complete the space. The choice is so vast that it confuses ideas. Over time the models have diversified to make sure that the garden oven became perfectly integrated with the space, whatever the present style was. They are considered an excellent solution especially if they also have a barbecue grill. When you decide to buy a garden oven first of all it is necessary to establish the space in which it will have to be placed, because their size is quite considerable and if there are not enough adequate spaces it cannot be installed. Most of the garden ovens are presented in a series of elements that can be easily assembled together, and they also become an excellent alternative to invite friends to dinner and enjoy excellent pizzas.


The garden ovens are made with various materials in order to each have a style that clearly distinguishes them from each other. Those who want to have a garden with a rather rustic style will certainly orient themselves on the choice of a classic garden oven made of masonry. The structure can be more or less complete, i.e. composed not only of the oven area but also of a barbecue area, a wood compartment, side spaces for supporting the accessories. The garden oven can be purchased prefabricated or made personally. In the first case, the garden oven is chosen at the store display. In this way the customer will also realize the actual size and the space it will occupy. Some shops carry out a transport and assembly service, others do not. In any case, it is important that the oven is placed on a perfectly flat surface and is firmly fixed to the ground. Many prefer to place it near the dining area to create a single, more intimate corner. Among other things, the oven is equipped with a flue, so there is absolutely no problem of smoke dispersion. Ovens made with a single cooking surface do not have any breakages and this allows a homogeneous diffusion of heat and perfect cooking of the food. This is a peculiarity to be taken seriously if you want to choose a garden oven that guarantees excellent performance. For those who have never used a garden oven before, it is necessary to try several times before finding the suitable method for lighting and the right degree of temperature to cook the food. A garden oven can be used not only for cooking pizza, but also for other dishes.

How to choose it

The garden oven must be chosen keeping in mind personal needs. Only those who use it quite often think this is a pretty good expense. Of course, since it is an outdoor oven it can only be used during the summer period, but it still offers an obvious advantage because the dispersion of heat certainly occurs more quickly than switching on a kitchen oven. The choice of materials is completely personal as the cost also affects a lot, so everyone should feel free to buy the garden oven that can best correspond to their needs.


After use, the oven requires careful cleaning to prevent ash residues from remaining. Furthermore, the access to the oven is always closed by a small door to prevent the entry of animals or the sedimentation of dirt, which could happen more easily during the winter period. Obviously the oven must be cleaned without using aggressive substances. For this reason, you should always ask your dealer for advice. The barbecue grill itself during the winter could be removed and moved to another covered area. After many years, the garden oven may require minor maintenance, necessary as the structure remains exposed to the elements.

Garden ovens: Where to buy

The garden oven, as mentioned before, is an element that has become a full-fledged part of the garden furniture, which is why it is sold in outdoor furniture shops or in DIY stores. Many prefer to buy the garden oven associated with the barbecue to have a single structure and double cooking possibilities. The costs related to the garden oven depend above all on the size of the oven itself and on the quality of the materials used. The smaller models have the same characteristics as other larger ones, but are also suitable for gardens with rather small dimensions.

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